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Welcome to Ipso Facto's Features Online, articles  featuring the top issues from the local and International scene that should concern the general population and members of the legal profession, in this global village, be it Malaysia or Timbaktu!

Top Issues


Data Protection Act
The system of database collection in Malaysia is an unregulated jungle out there, causing hardships and injustices to the average consumer- time for reform
IT is impacting the daily lives of the people, the popular press highlights all the hype, but the impact of IT is not all positive. The average consumer is beginning to feel the tyranny of the Information Technology and the brutality of the use of the database, and the collection and dissemination of the data, unregulated, uncontrolled- can be oppressive!
Time for the government to take action to control this unregulated area, in keeping with civilized nations throughout the World.
Read about the views from the other side of the coin.
Thought provoking views, time is running out.
Why is Parliament dragging its feet - why are the people's representatives not acting on the interests of the people. United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and even Hong Kong has such laws.
Data Protection Act- to protect the consumer.

The Bridge of No-Return
Decisions concerning the future of this Tourist State is often made without consulting the people most effected, will this continue?

Those who do not learn from history.
a State government's record of indecision and reckless unplanned development and construction damaging the infrastructure and environment. One project after another, beginning with the KOMTAR (tallest building in Penang), development of the hills, neglect of the ferry service, neglect of the beaches, the Gerakan State Government stumbles from one planning mis-step after another, continues unabated, creating a grid-lock of traffic on the idylic island in the Sun - when will they ever learn?


Conversations in a Taxi
Taxi drivers all over the world are chatty people, probably having to drive strangers round and round will make them nuts if they do not have a discharge valve. But, you hear the most interesting things in a Kuala Lumpur taxi, especially since the government tries to gag them!

 It has been known for sometime, that one of the more interesting experiences when you get on a Kuala Lumpur taxi is the views and news you learn from your taxi-driver. The Government, aware of the feedback have always taken a negative view of what they believe is "anti-government" propaganda spread by Kuala Lumpur Taxi drivers. Is it true? Read about it from one experience.

911 - The twin towers incident                                    an American dial-up for Emergency service, ironically it is the date that changed America and the World

Is 911 solely an American dilemma? Has 911 impact our lives in Malaysia and the rest of Asia? Is it only with regard to our economy, with special reference to travel, and therefore, Tourism? Is 911 merely the inconvenience that we experience at the airports? Or is 911 a wake up call for all of us? Is 911 a global wake-up call? We will discuss these issues from time to time on this webpage.