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 If only Cecil were a  tree
Then there would be no more poems
And trees would be free from pulp poetry,
for us all to see!
What a wonderful world it would be,
a joy to behold Cecil as a brough
If only Cecil were a tree
Trees wouldn't be cut, made into huts
for books of poetry, you see
T rees would stop pollution, give us
share, fruits, clean air
For us to stand and stare
Stop all corruption of verbs, give us herbs!
Then the child (of the sun) would have a
future, without any sutures
Trees would stop tanks
Do away with landmines.
T ree would stop all stanzas
Shades us, while we have our stendahs
If only Cecil were a tree!
There would be  no more solicitors fee!
                                                                                                                                -by Rootbuttal