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The story of the Scorpion and the Crocodile

Once upon a time, a Scorpion wanted to cross the river. We all know Scorpions cannot swim, and will drown in water. A lazy Crocodile was surfing along the river bank. The Scorpion called to the Crocodile, "Hey, Crokie, give me a lift across the river!" "No way, Jose!" replied the wise Crocodile! "Why?" asked the Scorpion. "Well, everybody knows, Scorpions sting people, and it is poisonous!" shot back the Crocodile! "Oh, no! No!" said the Scorpion, who was anxious to cross the river. "Everybody knows that Scorpions are afraid of water, and we cannot swim and we will drown!" replied the Scorpion, "Why would I do such a stupid thing!". The Crocodile thought for a while, and realized it was true! "He will die, if he stings me!" He thought! So he asked the Scorpion to hop on his back. Half-way across the river, the Crocodile felt the deadly painful sting from the Scorpion. His last words, "Hey, why did you do that?" "Sorry, I just couldn't help it, I am a Scorpion!" replied the Scorpion as he drowns in the water.

The moral of the story? Don't tempt fate!

From Crocodile Tears.